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For over 35 years Marengo Well and pump has drilled the highest quality water wells in norther Illinois. With years of experience behind the drill rig we can proudly say that we have seen it all, and can drill it all. From shallow 50' wells all the way to 800+' deep wells. We have the means to get your well drilled. 

How much will it cost? 

Drilling a well can be an expensive endeavor. 

There is a lot to take into consideration. Permits, material costs (that are always fluctuating) the cost to drill per foot, all of these things add up. Unfortunately its not an easy question to answer, the best we can do is get you an estimate for your project with the most up to date product costs and current expenses involved in the drilling process.


To ensure your well a long life we only use the best quality product for your project, these products change from time to time as new technologies become available. What was "state of the art" or industry standard 10 years ago is obsolete today. We always install the best products available so that your system will last decades to come.

Irrigation Wells

We are one of the only true "Irrigation well" drillers in northern Illinois. Meaning we drill 5" 100 gpm wells all the way to 1000+ gpm 16" irrigation wells. We also service line shaft turbine. Above is a 400gpm system 

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