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Marengo Well & Pump is a FULL service water well company.

This means we have all the tools needed to fix any well problem. All the way to full replacement!

Well drilling is part of well service - If your contractor can't provide you the same level of service they WILL cut corners to "get the job done" and get paid, leaving you with a less than desired outcome and future expenses. Don't let someone who is incapable of properly fixing your well issue waste your money.

  • Well Pumps 

  • Pressure Tanks 

  • Pitless adaptor leaks 

  • Water line leaks

  • New water line installation

  • Constant pressure systems. 

  • Pressure switches.

  • Chlorinations

  • VFD Systems - Yaskawa, Aquavar, and Franklin.

  • High capacity pumps (50 - 1000 GPM)

  • Line shaft turbine replacement.

  • Well acidizing, and redevelopment.  

Whats a Pressure Tank do?

Probably the most important part of your homes water system, Your pressure tank controls everything! from the pressure in your shower to the cleanliness of your water. A malfunctioning pressure tank can cause all types of issues. A system inspection is a good way to stay ahead of a failing pressure tank. 

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